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14 People Talked About the Job Interviews They Ran Away From and Still Can’t Forget

Getting a new job is a very stressful thing. And when you’re at a job interview, you don’t usually expect any wild things to happen. But Reddit users shared their stories about the job interviews they can’t forget even many years later. Before working for Bright Side, many of our authors experienced bizarre interviews. So, we read the stories of people who …

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Check Your Visual Powers by Finding the Outsiders Hidden in These 20 Pictures

Not all people can brag about being a sharp observer. In fact, a large group of people would likely not even notice a white elephant sitting in the room if they had their full attention on their favorite television show. Bright Side believes that observation is a talent that develops with practice, so we prepared a test with 20 images — now go look for all the …

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Test: Guess Which Objects Are Actually Cakes in Disguise

Cakes can come in all shapes and sizes, literally. Ben Cullen earned the title of the King of Cakes by making the most audacious and extreme cake designs that look like anything but our favorite birthday treat. There’s not an object in this world that he cannot recreate in cake form — a shoe, a chicken breast, and even a telephone, there’s no limit to Ben’s …

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This Photo Is Extremely Powerful. Checkout Why!

Everyone is talking about this picture after looking at it on the Internet. This has become the new sensation. Read to know why.. #5 Safety >Our world is not a safe place for humanity anymore. We all know how hard our society is fighting against Terrorism. Terrorist attacks are not …

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